Friday, March 4, 2011


Its good to hear that everyone is doing good! Im still hanging in there too and getting the hang of things with this new life of mine! Life has been a little bit stressful lately but we are taking care of everything and still managing to work in our area.

This last Tuesday we had our zone leaders counsol though and it was a little bit stressful to get ready for, but it all went really well. We had to present some new things that are going to be happening and we had to take care of getting all of the zone leaderes from all of the islands to here so it took a lot and i was excited to have it over with. Since then we have just been able to work in our area so its been kinda relaxing. Next week will be getting a little crazy again though, we have to go around with President Neves throughout the mission and give trainings. This next week we are going to all the districts here in Praia and Fogo, next week will just be one, and then the week after will be back up to Mindelo so i will be busy! Im still hoping that i dont end my mission like this, i dont think i was made to give trainings and stuff like that. I am learning some new things though!

So one of the new focuses in the mission is working with young men to try to help them prepare for a mission. Each companionship is supposed to have at least 2 guys that they are working with. We are working with one kid that is 24 to come teaching with us and hopefully he will get his papers taken care of this week, and we are also working with Pres. Neves´ 19 year old son. He didnt really have a desire to serve and he was really being pressured as you might expect seeing how he is the son of a mission president, but we started talking with him and it is kinda changing now. He is going to start teaching with us. I dont know if i told you this but Pres. Neves also has another son who is serving a mission in Salt Lake but will be ending in about a week so he should be able to help too.
Our area didnt have a whole lot of people to teach recently either but these last few weeks we have really been finding lots of new people and sorting through the ones that have interest. I saw that you guys mentioned Aduol with the byu basketball, and if he is the same one i heard about he is from the IvoryCoast, you guys might want to verify that though. We are actually teaching a way cool guy from the ivory coast. They speak french there but he has lived here for 3 years and is teaching at a private french high school. He is a really smart guy and really liking the Book of Mormon. He speaks portuguese really well but with a funny french accent. He is planning on coming to church this week along with 3 or 4 other new people and our 3 regulars that always come. I am hoping to find and baptize some good strong people though before my mission ends.


Hows it going? Everything is going good here, time is flying be even faster now that my scheduale has changed up a little bit. So i just barely got your e mail dad and i will hurry and answer your questions right now... there are just 2 assistants, my companion and i, so if i get transfered that means i wont be assistant anymore. This transfer is half way over so i am hoping to just stay one more after this one and then go to another area. Its not all that fun being in the mission office so i would hate to end my mission like that, but im almost positive i wont.

This week was really fun, i finally got to go to fogo for the first time this last tuesday and wednesday!!! It was even better than i expected there, if i could pick my last area to serve in it would be there or brava which is the little island right across from it. I dont have my pictures with me here but i will send them next time. Flying over it was cool, it looks just like a giant cone sticking right out of the ocean and i could see right into the crater. We just went to the main city there this time, são filipe, but it was really nice and peaceful and also really clean. The also have a lot more american foods there cause almost everyone there has family in america. It was cool to go out and teach there though and it was kinda hard to come back when we had too.

I also found out a bit of imformation about the mission that is kinda on the down low. Nobody in the mission is supposed to know this yet because it hasnt been announced in the church as of now, but our president told me and my companion who the new mission president is going to be starting in july. It is the Oliveira´s and they are brazilian but i guess have lived in Bountiful for a long time now. It should be good cause they will speak portuguese and english really well. It doesnt matter a whole lot to me cause i will only have a couple weeks with him and then will be leaving, pretty much the only thing ill have to do with him is my last mission interview and our farewell dinner but it will still be cool.

So thats about the news of the mission, not a whole lot is new. Here in our area it is extremely easy to find people to teach and get in peoples houses, but really hard to find anyone that actually wants to do something. It is a little different from Mindelo. And thanks for taking care of the drivers license, just get it here as soon as possible cause i will need it soon. I hope everthing is going good for ya guys though. Thanks for everything and have a good week.


Hows it going? Thats weird that my e mail didnt make it to you guys last week, it kept saying it had problems but i thought it finally got off. Today after i send this one i can forward the one from last week too. So just to answer back about the questions, the drivers license will be done at triple-A (AAA) drivers licenses, they should have an office close by. Let me know if there are any problems with it... there are about 4 more weeks left of the transfer and i wont need it this transfer cause my companion drives, but i think he will be leaving by next one and then i will for sure need it. My companion is Elder Taggart from Salt Lake, he is actually from my district in the mtc too just like Elder Olson. We get along just fine and everything but we are definitely different from each other, its all good though we are having fun this transfer.

This transfer is actually running a lot more smoothly than expected. We had tons of different stuff to do the first little while of last week and then last Saturday and also Monday to Wednesday we had some divisions with the zone leaders, but since then things have kinda calmed down and we have been able to work more in our area. On our Saturday division I went up to Assomada and walked with Elder Rogers and Elder Isaacson, i was with both of them in Mindelo. It was way fun and that city is sweet, its the one high up in the mountains on this island and i felt like i was back in utah, it actually got really cold! Then on Monday night we headed up to Mindelo!!! I had been missing it quite a bit, its definitely a much better city than praia. So i went out and walked in my first area i served in in mindelo with E. Moreira who i already served with and his companion E. Vance from oregon. It was tons of fun and i got to see some people that i havent seen in a while. This next Tuesday we are going to be in Fogo doing our divisions there so i am really excited for that, it will be my first time there. Then after that all of the divisions should be over for the transfer.

Usually as assistants we would have to travel around everywhere to give trainings with President too, but as for now we wont have to do that, he said he wants us to have more time to be able to work in our area... thats exactly what i wanted too. Have our area is really nice and really rich and the other half is as poor and run down as i have ever seen. We actually share our area with the secrataries of the mission since we our both limited on time sometimes, especially them. We live with them too and we have the nicest house in the mission, i even had hot water until the heater broke yesterday. The other two guys are E. Barker from Ogden and E. Ryan from Alaska and they are cool guys and we share the same p day and everything so that makes it fun. So other than divisions and giving trainings another thing we have to do is look at all of the numbers of lessons and baptisms and all of that stuff that all of the missionaries had during the week, avaliate it, and then we have like a 5 hour meeting with president and talk about all it. That is what we do every Monday and it is probably my least favorite thing i have ever done in my life. And then besides that we just have a whole bunch of little errands to do and we teach and thats the lift of an assistant. I am pretty excited to drive here though, lets just say that if you can drive in Praia you can drive anywhere.

As for me rash it is still covering the palms of my hands. I dont know if i told y ou guys or not but it has actually made like 3 of my fingernails fall off now, its kinda some sort of mystery disease that nobody can figure out. I talked with a docter in Germany on the phone last week for a while and he is talking with dermatlogists to figure it out... i am pretty much just planning on getting rid of it when i get home. Its not so bad at the moment now and its not anything to worry about.

So this last week was pretty good. Today for 4 hours in the morning we got to do service. We had to take down a roof. The only thing is that roofs are just pure concrete here on top of cynder blocks so we used a jack hammer and sledge hammers to do it. It was actually a project of the branch and it was fun. I also have church in the same chapel as the other branch i served in here in praia so i got to see everyone i knew last sunday, it was fun i felt like it was a mini homecoming. We are teaching a few cool people now too but we need to find more cause we still dont have a lot, i will tell you a little more about them next week. Oh... one other cool thing about being here is the missionary couple here is awesome. Its the adams couple and theyre from Ogden and the guy really likes fishing so we are all going fishing next p day, he already bought poles. They also have us over for lunch and everything.


Hey everyone hows it going? Things are going just great out here in
> santo antao.... we headed out here this morning and will be staying
> until tomorrow night. We had our zone activity today, and then
> everyone from our zone will be headed back this afternoon while E.
> Olson and I stay here to do our division with the elders here, and
> then we will be taking a night boat back tomorrow.
> Our activity was awesome, it felt like I was in another country for a
> little bit. We headed up to the tops of the mountains here and then
> hiked down for the day. A very rare thing happened up there too, i
> actually felt a little bit cold during the morning while we were up on
> top, it was incredible. Its up in all the pine trees and for a little
> bit i felt like I was up af canyon or somewhere. If i ever decided to
> just not come back home and stay out here, i think that that is where
> I will live!!!! haha but dont worry i dont think we will have to worry
> about that. So we hiked down the canyon all the way to the botton and
> got to a city called Ribeira Grande which is a way nice little
> peaceful city right on the coast on the other side of the island.
> There arent missionaries there now but it doesnt hurt to dream to open
> it up one day! I think its actually the most north eastern point of
> any of the islands so you know what that means? It means that
> distance wise I was closer to home today than I have been at any other
> time since september of 2009 ( but time wise I was the farthest, to
> get home it would take a 45 minute car ride to the main port of the
> island, a 1 hour boat ride back to mindelo, a 15 minute ride to the
> other side of the island to the airport, a 45 minute plane ride to
> praia, an 8 hour plane ride to boston, a 5 hour plane ride to salt
> lake, and a 40 min drive to the home) so there are a few extra facts
> for you guys.
> So besides that we had a pretty fun week. Sandra is getting baptized
> this coming saturday and is doing awesome, she will be one of the
> strongest people I have ever taught! The branch is really excited
> about her and they are already talking about getting her a calling
> right after she gets baptized. We also met another way cool guy that
> we started teaching last tuesday and we have already taught him 3
> times. His name is Danny and he was born and raised in cabo verde but
> at 17 moved to a little city outside of boston. He is now 27 and just
> came back for his first time to visit in december and will be staying
> until about march or april, and his wife from america will be coming
> out in a little bit to visit. We just randomly contacted him and
> right during the middle of our conversation he stopped us and asked us
> if we spoke english ( thats how we found all that stuff out about him)
> so now we teach him in english. He shows ton of interest and is
> really excited to start coming to church out here. He wouldnt really
> be a big help to the church here since he doest live here, but he does
> have brothers that live here that we could start teaching because of
> him. So that pretty much sums up the week, besides that it was just
> the normal stuff.
> This next week should be really good and go by way quick. Once we get
> back to mindelo we already have all of our lessons planned for every
> hour of every day until the end of the week and members to teach with
> us. Then we have our next p day planned already (it could be my last
> in mindelo) and then right after we will be going down to praia for
> zone leaders counsel again.


Hey guys!

Hows it going? Its crazy how cold its been out there it sounds pretty crazy. It has actually been a little cooler here too this past month... its really nice but always super windy so its a little annoying. Lately Ive been having to sleep with a sheet over me though and I dont really use the fan around the house so much. Im sure it will be heating up though in just a few weeks! But so besides the cold how is everything going out there? Any new notices? I have one... I got packages from you guys mom and dad and also Shane and Ciara!!!!! Thanks a lot all of that stuff is exactly what I needed. We made some bisquits and gravy for breakfast and it was dang good! Thanks a lot again I really appreciate it!

So anyways I wish I had a whole bunch of crazy stuff to write you guys but i really dont. The highlight of the week was probably our zone conference, it was actually one of the best i have had yet. President Neves showed a clip from Blindside the movie about how a companionship is like a left tackle and a quarterback and how they always have to look out for each other. All the sudden right during the middle of it it all just clicked and I knew exactly what he was saying... he was speaking my language on that one! We learned a lot about faith during it too which is cool because its something that needs to be applied to the people here. Everyone here will tell you they have faith but nobody does anything to show it or anything. The theme of the conference was "Tonga" because Pres. Neves was talking about what Holland said about Cabo Verde and how one day it will be like Tonga and have 50 percent active members. Its got a lot of work to get there but he talked about how we can make it happen. E. Olson and I also gave our training about planning and it went pretty good.

Sandra, the lady we are teaching, is also going to be baptized in two Saturdays. We had to postpone it cause he had a situation from a while back and because of it she had to get interviewed from President Neves instead of just an Elder, but it was taken care of this weekend and is ready to go. She is way strong and has already read like half of the book of mormon and we just started teaching a few months ago. She says she cant go to sleep without reading a chapter, she is a stud! Pres. Neves talked about how she is really strong too afterwards with us. We were also able to find a ton of new investigators this week too and some are way cool. Its been a lot easier now that all of the parties have died down... now they just have their normal weekend parties and people have a lot more time to talk with us. We have a member here named Joao who was less active but these past few months has been coming to church every week. So the branch started inviting his wife and their little girl to some activites and stuff now and we started teaching them. They are really smart and have been to church the past few weeks. They are golden!

Jan 3, 2011

So how are you guys doing and how is 2011 going? It sounds like its pretty cold there! This week was a little bit longer for me here but it was still alright. The main reason for that was because of new years... these people here definitely like to party, so it didnt help having new years eve on friday night cause that just made all of the parties last the whole weekend until sunday! On new years eve we had to be at home at 6 because of all the partying so we didnt have a whole lot of time to even work that day with our weekly planning that morning. So that night E. Olson and I got in the house and just kinda hung out there... we made a bbq chicken pizza that was delicious and just did a puzzle and played a few games and stuff. We werent even allowed to have other missionaries come over and hang out with us but at least i had a cool companion to spend it with. We also sat on our balcony and watched all the people by their house and they were crazy, everyone was drunk and just partying! At midnight we went up on our roof and watched the firework show which actually lasted about 15 minutes and was probably better than anything i ever saw back at home besides the stadium of fire, it was way cool, and then we just headed to bed. Its a good thing i was tired because people were loud all night and the parties didnt stop until about 10 the next morning. When we went out to work new years morning both of our lessons fell through so we just went and did contacts but the only people that were really interested in talking to us were all the drunk guys on the way home from their parties. I cant even tell you guys how many times i got hugged by drunk guys that morning! Everyone just kept telling us they had to hurry and go him and get to sleep so that they could have their rest to get out and party even more that night! So anyways that was our new years here... to tell the truth im kinda glad the holiday season is over cause it made the work hard! We had so many people who told us to come by their houses but not until after the new year. Things should get normal again.

We also had a little disappointment this week with our best investigator Sandra. She is the one in her 30s and who started coming to church from her friend that is a member. So she was supposed to get baptized this next week, but she had a little bit of alcohol new years eve so now it will have to be put back for a couple more weeks. I dont think she understood the whole importance of that commandment before so i guess its kinda a good thing she did it so now she knows. She doesnt really have any problems though with it, its just a once in a while thing. She is still way strong though! We have another investigator that should be getting baptized about the same week too. We are keeping up the search for new people too.

Everyone in the branch is pretty cool here and they are trying to help us out. We actually got to head over to the elders quorom/ releif society party for dinner last tuesday and eat dinner which wasnt bad. We had lunch at my favorite members house yesterday too. He is cabo verdian but was born in brazil and he is in the district presidency here. He speaks perfect english and is more american than anything. They are an awesome family and way fun to hang out with... i will definitely have to keep in touch with all these people after the mission.

Dec 27, 2010

Well i wont take up too much time with e mail since we talked just a couple days ago. It was good to talk with you guys though, it felt weird because it had been so long! Im glad the phone quality was a little better this time and it was cool being able to talk with everyone! I hope you guys had a good christmas too... after i talked to most of you guys we headed over to the couples house and just watched a film and then headed back home and i went to bed, i had a pretty long day so i was tired. It was nice to have Sunday be the next day because i all we had was church, and then the afternoon we went out and taught and i tried to get back into the routine. I loved having christmas and everything, but it was kinda nice for it to end so i could get rid of the distractions and just go back to teaching and everything.

I dont really think that there is a whole lot new to say since we all talked, thanks are pretty much just going back to normal now after a few days of being out of the normal scheduale for Christmas. This week well be normal every day until the 31st . That night we have to be in the house by 6 because of all the partys and everything that are going to be going on, so i think we will just find some stuff to do there. On christmas eve it was the same deal and it was actually pretty fun... me and E. Olso made the best pizza i have ever had before, it was bbq chicken with oninions and we made a few other things too, so we just ate all night and then played a few games. I think new years eve will probably be about the same deal, and then at midnight we will just go on top of our house and watch the fireworks. Our house is really tall so we have a way good view from the top and supposedly the fireworks here in Mindelo are really good. On new years day im not exactly sure if we will work or not, but if we do and its anything like last year everyone will be sleeping and it will be really hard to find people. Word around the mission is that us zone leaders will be in charge of organizing a soccer game for all of us to do so that we have something to do and that president neves gave us the okay, so now we just have to find out for sure when and everything.